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Next chance to ride is Uplift day on Sunday Oct 12th 2014 book on here -,-Nant-Gwrtheyrn--Uplift-Day--


For the time being, this is how we will take bookings for riding at Simply Downhill, Nant Gwrtheyrn.

To book an uplift day date for 8 20 riders*, contact us at least one month before the date(s) that you have in mind and we will consult the management at Nant Gwrtheyrn and Welsh Cycling to confirm it is available. We will then require payment when this is confirmed (26 per rider).

If you book for less than 16 riders (minimum 8 riders) we will make the remaining places available to book via the British Cycling website; if you book for 16 or more riders (maximum 20), your group can have the tracks to yourselves.

Packages with accommodation and/or food and drink at Nant G are available, just ask. 

More details on the website


*The minibus and trailer hold 16 riders and bikes, however, experience has shown that even with 20 riders booked on there are almost always empty places on each run. This is partly due to the very short time between runs.  



The new uplift format is running well, providing a better rider experience with even faster turn around and better protection for your bikes. 16-18 runs are common.


Uplift will run from 10.00am to 4.30pm. Uplift  will stop for 30min for lunch. There is a Cafe on site.


Please register with the Driver when you arrive. Riders must be aged 12 or over, Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them.


Cost is 26 for the day.


Entries will close as soon as we run out of spaces.


The downhill track at Nant Gwrtheyrn is very challenging. Using the UK Forestry Commission grading expect a mix of black diamond and orange bike park grades. Using the international system, expect double black diamond. The numerous exposed rocks and tree roots are even more challenging when they are wet.


Helmets and Armour guidelines.
Full face helmets are compulsory for all riders at our events.
These can be Downhill mountain bike, BMX or Moto X full face Helmets.
XC helmets with stick on plastic 'chin guards' eg. Giro Switchblade or MET Parachute are not acceptable.
Riders under 18 MUST also wear Gloves, Spine, knee, and elbow guards.
All riders are recommended to wear full downhill mountain bike body Armour, gloves and goggles.
Simply Downhill.


Pictures and video from past events CLICK HERE


Official uplift days at  Nant Gwrtheyrn .

Tom and Si.